Volunteering info

We are always looking for more volunteers to help us collect litter!

You can get involved by turning up to one of our monthly litter picks and you can choose to either collect litter from the towpath along the canal or book a kayak/canoe and pick litter from the waterway.

We do have bin bags, bag hoops, gloves and litter pickers for people to use but if you do have your own please bring them along. No one is too old or young to join but we do ask that all children are supervised by an adult. We meet at the YMCA George Williams Centre on Friarn Avenue in Bridgwater for every litter pick. 

Please make a note of our emergency mobile number so that if you have any problems while on our litter pick you can call us – 07395 631 483

Towpath volunteers

If you wish to collect litter from the towpath, please arrive at 9.15am at YMCA in Bridgwater. The dates of our monthly litter picks are on our event page.

You will then have sufficent time to fill in the appropriate paperwork and also collect your litter pickers, gloves, bin bags and bag rings.

Please wear strudy footwear and comfortable clothing. There will be a full briefing for the litter pick at 9.25am before we start at 9.30am.


Booking a kayak or canoe for a litter pick

The YMCA in Bridgwater kindly allow us to use their single and double kayaks and two and three person Canadian canoes free of charge.

For children under the age of 18 we require an adult/guardian to be present and to also be with them in the kayak/canoe.

There are a limited number available so if you would like to use one for our next litter pick, please fill in our boat booking form here

We will need to book these vessels for you prior to the event. We will be unable to provide equipment on the day unless you have contacted us in advance.

The last day to book equipment is a week before each litter pick.

Please arrive at 9.15am at the YMCA on the day of the litter pick as will need to provide you with the correct size buoyancy aid, a paddle and show you which kayak/canoe you are using etc. You can also collect your litter picking equipment.

Do you have your own kayak or canoe?

If you have your own kayak/canoe, please feel free to also come along and give us a helping hand.

We are advising people to wear a buoyancy aid and also to preferably have a license and public liability insurance. which is included in a yearly British Canoe Membership. You can find out more here.

You can also get a short term canoe/kayak licence from the Canal & River Trust – 1 day is £4.99. You can find out more here.